Sunday, September 22, 2013

International Babywearing Week 2013

International Babywearing Week 2013 is around the corner!  This year, IBW runs from October 7th to October 13th.  Just like last year, BWI of Atlanta has a ton of events planned all around the metro area (head over to for a full schedule).

A lot has happened since our last update.  One important thing is... we finally have a website!  Our membership drive gave us enough funds to purchase our domain and hosting space and finally build our home on the web. is our little homestead on the Interwebs.  Please check it out!  It has a lot of information.  This is an understatement.

We've also welcomed two new VBEs to the fold.  Priscila and Malia joined us in August and we're thrilled to have them!

As for our #IBW2013 celebration (Tweeps, Instagrammers and other hashtag addicts, this is the official hashtag), here's a little preview of what we've got going on:

  • BWI meetings at Wilson Family Chiropractic and Baby Love
  • Micro photoshoots at The Solarium and Marietta Square
  • Playdate and picnic at Piedmont Park (try saying that 5 times fast)
  • A Dance Your Baby session
  • Marietta Square shop crawl (I cannot believe this event is going to happen)
  • A ton of giveaways for our BWI members and Facebook group members, including a gift certificate to New Baby Products
  • Membership drive!
  • Photospam day on Facebook
  • Pumpkin patch trip
  • Picnic at the Gwinnett Historic Courthouse
There are going to be lots of prizes given away so be sure to join the Facebook group to see what they are.  In addition, members will get access to members-only giveaways.  It's our way of saying thank you for the contributions and support.  Stay tuned for details of the membership drive!