Friday, December 14, 2012

New Baby Products...

Just this week we met with New Baby Products on Cheshire Bridge road to explore hosting our Tuesday meetings in their space.  We found out they just finished building a classroom in their space and they are looking for activities to fill it.  The classroom is housed in their big furniture building which is the lefthand building when facing their property from Cheshire Bridge Road.  It is a wonderful space for us and a step up from Glenlake Park where we were somewhat exposed to the elements.  While Glenlake was awesome to use with the playground right next to us, we are thrilled to move to an indoor space that is dry, warm or cool during the summer and free for our non-profit group!

Our first meeting there will be held on Tuesday December 18th from 10-12.  We have not locked down future dates there as of yet but are working to get this squared away and will keep you posted!  We will continue to offer our during the week class at New Baby Products but most likely will change days of the week.

So, come one out to check us out next week and we look very forward to seeing everyone there!!!  Find out more about New Baby Products at

Babywearing International!!!

It's official!  We are now a full chapter of Babywearing International!  We will change our name to Babywearing International of Atlanta.  We are the very first chapter in the state of Georgia and we couldn't be happier!

It took us almost a year to complete the application but we finally got it!  All of our co-leaders have been certified Babywearing Educators since about April but it took us a very long time to navigate our state system and secure a bank account.  Each state has different requirements and ours seems to have a particularly difficult path but we finally were able to work our way through it with a little help from Babywearing International's President.  Huge Thank You to Anne Marie Rodgerson!!!

To find out more about Babywearing International, visit Babywearing International