Sunday, September 30, 2012

International Babywearing Week 2012

Atlanta Babywearers is proud to be celebrating International Babywearing Week this year!  IBW runs from October 8th through October 14th, and although we do not officially have any meetings scheduled for that week (COBB Moms does though) we do have things planned.

Here is our current schedule for the week.

Monday: Facebook photo drive; the theme is "first-time babywearing."  Share your pictures from your first time, or second, or third time babywearing, as long as it's relatively fresh in your babywearing career!

Monday (part 2): Blog posts on the theme of "carrying on tradition."

Tuesday: North Atlanta OTP meetup at Perimeter Mall, 11 am - 1 pm (details to be discussed on Facebook)

Wednesday: South Atlanta ITP meetup in Grant Park, 10 am - 12 noon, at the playground

Thursday: West Atlanta OTP meetup in Marietta Square, by the bandstand, 11 am - 1 pm

Friday: Photo drive part 2, anything goes!  Big kid wearing, grandparents babywearing, kids wearing their toys, whatever strikes your fancy.

Saturday: Membership drive and raffle.  Participants who buy a year's membership to Babywearing International ($30) will be automatically entered into our raffle!  We have some nice prizes... do stay tuned.

And that's it!  I'll update with some more details as the week goes on.

Next meeting: 10/6/12

Having two meetings per month makes me feel as if there's always another meeting around the corner.  That's good news for the moms and dads (and guardians and caretakers) out there who want to babywear!

Our next meeting is coming up on Saturday, October 6th, 2012 at the Solarium from 10 am to 12 noon.  See you there!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pictures from the Tuesday meeting

Nature was kind enough not to rain on our whole meeting today so I was able to get some pictures!  Unfortunately, as the meeting drew to a close the skies opened up and spewed forth a deluge of water, so those of us left got to hang out for an extra half an hour.  It turned out just fine, as babies were sleeping in carriers all around, and the toddlers at the meeting jumped in puddles and got themselves soaking wet.

We had a nice mix of journeyman babywearers, adept babywearers, and master babywearers today (if I may borrow some terms from high fantasy literature and/or the occult).  I had a great time helping people out and getting some help, myself!  Even though I'm officially a volunteer babywearing educator and have passed the exams, that doesn't mean I have experience with everything, and today it was a Beco Butterfly II that stumped me.

Anyway, here are the pictures!

Katy is already a pro at using SSCs, but today she came for some help with ring slings.

Here's Kate, one of our co-leaders, demonstrating a carry with a newborn in a Galaxy Grey Ergo.

That dratted Beco Butterfly II!  Mother and baby - especially baby - look pretty comfortable, though.

And here's another front carry, this time with the Ergo Sport that lives in our lending library.  This baby has some motor developmental delays and it's so lovely to be able to carry her in safety and comfort.

I'm looking forward to our next Tuesday meeting!  I'm usually not at the Saturday ones, sadly.  We also may be changing our Tuesday meeting place.  Again, check Facebook to stay updated.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Tuesday meeting!

Our next Atlanta Babywearers meeting is... tomorrow, September 18th!  Ah, it's totally my fault that I didn't post about it earlier.  I'll see you guys at Glenlake Park in Decatur, right off of Church Street, from 10 am to noon.  As usual, we'll be in the big pavilion right by the playground.

There are tornado warnings for tonight until 3 am, with heavy rain in the forecast.  As of right now I expect to be at the park, but if it's coming down in a Biblical sense then I will cancel.  Keep your eyes peeled, both here and on the Facebook group!  And stay safe!  I remember the last tornado that went through here.

Oh, and one more thing - I will be bringing my camera to tomorrow's meeting to take pictures!  I know tired moms with spit-up on them are really attractive and all, but we haven't had picture day in a long, long time.  We're overdue.  Say cheese!